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Default Re: Ridiculously Early 2010 Mock Draft

I do agree that Henson is very skilled, but from the videos I've seen, he looks even skinnier than the skinniest guys we know.

I think Harris is good enough to play either guard, and at 6'5'', that propels him up my personal boards. Him in the mid to late 20's will be an absolute steal if they use him correctly.

With Ruoff and others gone at WVU and being another year older, I think Ebanks will put up some impressive games, have good stats and the potential to be a lottery pick, though I think with him comes a big chance of bust.

Can anyone give me a synopsis on DeMarcus Cousins by the way?

The top of this draft has the potential to be as good as the top of some of the best drafts ever. John Wall for obvious reasons, an even better Greg Monroe on top of the skill set he showed at GTown, and hopefully they'll run their offense more through him. Derrick Favors is beastin'. Unless they have sub-par seasons, I have Wall/Monroe being 1/2 or 2/1 and Favors going 3.

I find it hard to believe Booker, Harangody, etc. will find their way to the 1st round.Yes guys like Maxiell have found success but guys like BB Davis, Boozer, always tend to go late 1st/2nd. Patterson's also a bit short, but he's beast at UK and was thoguht to maybe go mid first in last year's weak ass draft.

Caracter's a total waste of talent, I hope he doesn't get drafted.
Aldrich is mediocre NBA talent at best in my eyes, but teams always need a big guy that plays good D and can sometimes help them go higher. (See Case Study: Hasheem ThaBust)
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