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Default Re: Clippers Waive Mark Madsen

Originally Posted by bagelred
Dunleavy "Sorry Mark, we need to waive you.

MM "I can't believe this is happening. I am so angry right now!!!"

Dun "Don't be mad, son"

MM "What? Well who else should I be? Are you saying I'm not good enough?"

Dun "No, I'm just saying don't be mad, son"

MM "F you!!!! I'm proud of being a Madsen."

Dun "Why you so mad, son".

MM "That's it!!!! This Madsen's had it!!!!".....punches Dunleavy.......

Dun "......communication......breakdown.....ooooowwwww ww"

[monotone] Oh My God. Funniest Post Ever. [/monotone]
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