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Default Re: Clippers Waive Mark Madsen

Originally Posted by iDunk
Delusional because every other Top 5 team in the NBA improved but the Lakers, they just got Ron Artest instead of Ariza. Artest is a headcase and will cost the Lakers plenty. The Lakers haven't gotten any role players at all.
Costing the Lakers is only speculation. Artest is a major talent upgrade on Ariza and that's all that matters.

Shaq has been a team chemistry killer, Sheed isn't exactly a positive guy. Teams take risks based on talent.

Artest like worships Kobe and is buddies with Odom, he knows he sacrificed a lot to be on the team. He's been waiting a long time for an oppurtunity like this and to play for LA.

The other teams may have improved but LA still has arguably the most talented team.

The bench is more than fine. Sasha, Farmar, Brown, Odom, Walton, etc is a good cast. LA can put Artest with the bench to keep the offense up when Kobe/Gasol can rest. Another thing is we have Morrison's 6 mill expirer, can be valuable this season if we see a hole to fill.

Not saying LA is the best team on paper or the other teams didn't improve, but I feel LA improved a lot on paper.

and yes, get Madsen back!
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