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Default Re: Clippers Waive Mark Madsen

Originally Posted by Interminator
I agree. Its still somewhat amazing we're still talking about this guy in 2009. Thats real hard work, dedication, and luck to have lasted so long and won 3 NBA Championships in the process.

He was never a good NBA player, nor a good role player, he was a big uncoordianated white guy to bring off the bench because although he wasnt good on either end of the court he never gave up on his objective.

I wouldnt be surprised to see him eventually become a politician, or political analyst. Hes very outspoken politically.

You're on fire right now. This is the 2nd post of yours I've seen and strongly agreed with in the past 10 minutes.

Seeing Madsen at Stanford was painful. I remember an NCAA tournament game against URI where I was just shaking my head the entire time trying to figure out how the hell this guy was getting any NBA chatter. At the end of the game, there it was... 14 and 10, though it was some of the most painful to watch production I've seen. 100% motor and determination. 0% talent.

He's right up there with Chris Dudley.
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