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Default Re: Nuggets Re-Sign A. C., Who's Next??

Originally Posted by kurple
Jeff is right, AC doesn't belong in the NBA. He's an OK roleplayer, but not a 15-20mpg player.

To the guy who said McCants is a good fit. WTF? How is he a good fit? He is 6'4, we don't need any PG's or SG's, we need a SF to hit open shots at a high % (Wally or Novak is perfect) And a banger down low (Aaron Gray is perfect).

An insider at another forum also said Nuggets had an verbal agreement with joe smith for the min, but GK called his agent and said that he didn't think he could find any PT for Joe... Witch means.... Malik Allen is the new GK pet.... **** ME!

CB - Ty - AC
AA - JR - Wally
Melo - Wally - Balk
KMart - Bird - Allen
Nene - Gray - Bird

That team got it all, much better shooting, enough scoring options, better defense and much better rebounding.. a perfectly balanced roster.

We just have a huge difference in talent evaluation- I think that you really overrate lawson and ac as well as maybe afflalo and gray

I think mccants is worth a shot because of still being weak at gaurd- he is way better than lawson or ac- could bring so many more things to the table than the other 2 if he will defend and can handle- like a shannon brown type pg for the lakers, exept better-he could learn so much from chauncey- the rotation needs a gaurd still

Gray would be better than petro w the ball, but he is so slow that I'd almost rather have petro than him just because the team is slowing down too much (-kleiza and jones + bringing a really slow in) the switching defense that the team plays imo means petro is a better system defender here than gray because of his ability to cover p+r and switch/move

Who besides jr could come off the bench and create their own offense?

Who covers the other teams pg's besides chauncey? To me covering gaurds was the biggest loss w jones

Why do you think we need a sf that can shoot 3's instead of a pf that can shoot them?

Trade for travis outlaw if nachbar and hermann are too expensive as fa's
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