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Default Re: Official College Football Thread

You're forgetting they are replacing Beanie Wells at RB

Im telling yall..look out for Boom Herron. He averaged 5 yards a carry last season and had 6 TDS in only 89 attempts. He dogged scUM last season (everyone did ) 80 yards and 2 TDs in just 8 attempts. He's not the power runner that Beanie was but he's pretty fast (4.5 40) and him and Pryor running the option should be nice.

Robiskie & Hartline at WR

Our WR isnt bad. Posey (former 5 star recruit..21st overall prospect in the nation) Last year he was just buried behind RoBo..Hartline (I still dont understand why he left ) Ray Small..and Dane. I expect Posey to have a huge year this season. Our number 1 WR will prolly be Dane Sanzenbacher seeing that he was our 3rd WR last season. His best game came against Penn State..6 catches for 82 yards. And we still have Ray Small.. I really dont like him as a WR tho. I like him more as a punt returner. We also have Duron Carter (Chris Carter son). They said he's been making plays during practice but I dont see him having an impact this year.

and basically their entire Secondary

Yeah..Im a lil worried about our CBs. Chekwa is returning but after him its all up in the air on our depth at that spot. We have Amos..a senior who hasnt gotten a lot of PT..Donnie Everge and Travis Howard (4 star recruit last year). I dont know too much about the incoming freshmen at that spot. We good at saftey tho. Both of our starters are back (Kurt Coleman and Russell) and Jermale Hines is back. Jermale was a dog last year..I expect big things from him and Coleman.

And then we have T. Pryor having another year to learn our playbook and Coach Tressel tweaking the offense for his strengths.

That SC game bout to be rocking.

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