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Default Re: Ridiculously Early 2010 Mock Draft

I think you amg and others get way too into "stock" and how these websites have the players ranked- they are so far off that it convices the readers of things that are not possible (ex koufos and bj mullins as top 2-3 picks these past few years- never should have been thought of like that but thy were at this time through the beginning parts of the college year)

Sure its not a sure thing on any of these guys, maybe even more unsure w sidney but its still a fact that he has one of the top ceilings of any of the prospects

So no just because you keep reading it aldrich is not a top 5ish pick and moteijunas isn't in the second teir of this draft- this thread is great because of all the personal beliefs about what these prospects will be- don't stand to strong w the "stock" according to the "experts"- they're not too much closer than many of the posters here- long ways to go
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