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Default Re: Nuggets Re-Sign A. C., Who's Next??

Originally Posted by el gringos
We just have a huge difference in talent evaluation- I think that you really overrate lawson and ac as well as maybe afflalo and gray

I think mccants is worth a shot because of still being weak at gaurd- he is way better than lawson or ac- could bring so many more things to the table than the other 2 if he will defend and can handle- like a shannon brown type pg for the lakers, exept better-he could learn so much from chauncey- the rotation needs a gaurd still

Gray would be better than petro w the ball, but he is so slow that I'd almost rather have petro than him just because the team is slowing down too much (-kleiza and jones + bringing a really slow in) the switching defense that the team plays imo means petro is a better system defender here than gray because of his ability to cover p+r and switch/move

Who besides jr could come off the bench and create their own offense?

Who covers the other teams pg's besides chauncey? To me covering gaurds was the biggest loss w jones

Why do you think we need a sf that can shoot 3's instead of a pf that can shoot them?

Trade for travis outlaw if nachbar and hermann are too expensive as fa's

I hate the no scoring off the bench bull****.. You know you don't have to sub all the 5 starter at the same time... Keep 2+ out of CB, Melo, Nene & JR on the floor through the entire game and we are fine.

Gray can rebound and play D, while being a post player to help our shooters.

Wally can shoot to spread the floor for our main guys.

Outlaw is a terrible defender, please no outlaw.

again.. We don't need any more scoring options.... I'm not gonna start the whole we didn't loose anything when LK went to europe thing, but i might later.
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