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Originally Posted by EricForman
first of all, i don't want to get into this stupid what if scenerio of Jordan running for President, but I can't help but as... why would Jordan getting crossed over hurt his run at office? What sense does that make?

By the way, getting crossed over by a person is humiliated? Every person that has ever played ball has either gotten scored on, crossed over, or their shot swatted, so EVERYONE HAS BEEN HUMULIATED, then right?

Didn't Jordan's statline in that game totally kill Iverson's statline? But because of one play, Jordan came out of the losing end of that right? LOL

You guys are so defensive. It was a joke. What would a clip of Jordan being crossed by another player have to do with a political race. Surely you realized it was a joke and I'm just messing with JordanStar. You can't be that daft.

Moreover, with all the things JordanStar has said, you choose to argue with what I said. That's sad.
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