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Default Re: Gasol, best pre-european Spanish

Originally Posted by GoldMedallist
I am talking about Marc. He's playing extremely well, solid rebounding and defense, like always, but so nice post moves (He already moves extremely well), scoring and great court vision (and great FG - 54% - and FT - 93% - percentages).

He's playing like his brother, and surprising everybody in Spain now. How did he play last games in Memphis? Because if he plays like he's doing now he deserves A LOT more touches than he seems to have in the team.

Marc was already MVP in the spanish league before he came to Memphis. IDK how much he could surprise them any more? (Be a Super MVP )

It was kinda disappointing because Marc never got a lot of touches when Hollins took over. Then again, the grizzlies actually looked like a team when Hollins was at the helm instead of Iavaroni. As Kebab would say it the grizz would play a good 3 quarters, and then would be like headless chickens in the 4th.

It seems to me that he is still a finess player offensively and never really took it to someone when he was scoring.

He also has a tendency to disappear offensively. He is a pretty good rebounder, but really needed help in front.
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