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Default Re: Orlando Magic 2009 Offseason Moves

Originally Posted by josh99
Recap so far:

Hedo Turkoglu (FA)
Courtney Lee (Trade)
Rafer Alston (Trade)
Tony Battie (Trade)

Vince Carter (Trade)
Brandon Bass (FA) (4 years, 18 million, approx 4.5 million a year)
Matt Barnes (FA) (2 year, 3.6 million, approx 1.8 million a year) Note: I think the second year is a player option.
Ryan Anderson (Trade)

Retained Free Agents:
Marcin Gortat (5 years, 34 million, approx 6.8 million a year)

Jeremy Richardson (bench warmer)
Adonal Foyle (bench warmer)
Tyronn Lue (bench warmer)

Did I miss anything? Who else would you like to see us add?
Great summary, josh99! I cannot wait until next season!
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