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Default 2010 draft lottery order?

project the team order of the 2010 draft lottery
by order of record (of course the balls can always roll in a weird way, i.e. ewing to ny

heres how i think the lottery will go next year if it were based on record. who i'd take with the pick in paretheses and why

1. kings: (john wall) wall+evans=top 3 backcourt
2. knicks: (greg monroe) pick belongs to utah so i'd trade down and get willie warren or evan turner and another first round pic from a team desperate for a center. i. e. bobcats, thunder, pistons, bulls but if i gotta pick at #2 i couldnt pass up greg monroe
3. rockets (derrick favors) favors and yao with all the great role players would make a great frontcourt
4. t-wolves (willie warren) they got a solid frontcourt and 2 pg's they desperately need a wing. al-farouq aminu & evan turner i'd possibly consider
5. bucks (ed davis) aside from taking a pg i can see milwaukee going for the "best available" i'd take davis who could start immediately rather than aldrich
6. bobcats (cole aldrich) aldrich and chandler could split time for a year before aldrich becomes the franchise. hopefully will become a franchise type player rather than all the other waisted lottery picks. morrison, may, felton, okafor
7. suns (john henson) this ones to the thunder via the kurt thomas trade. its looking like a great deal for okc henson might look like durants little brother, frail and lankey, but he has superstar potential. might take motiejunas but international guys scare me sometimes... darko, skitizvilli or whatever his name is picked by the nugs.
8. pacers (evan turner) i know its bird and people think he'll take a white guy like psycho-t but i'd go for best available. b. rush/turner/ford backcourt wouldnt be bad. neither would adding a big though...
9. grizzlies (al-farouq aminu) aminu would only add more youth and athletism to a team already chalked full of it. he'd probably split his time behind gay at 3 and could easily start over darrell arthur. z-bo needs to go play basketball in beruit.
10. pistons (donatas montiejunas) hopefully not darko #2, if he did reach potential he'd fit in perfect with a team of great shooters... gordon, charlie v, rip.
11. clippers (devin ebanks) they have an overpaid not going anywhere because no one would take his insane contract point guard. they have sg, sf and pf locked for the future and kaman and all his money at c. so i go for ebanks who has a high ceiling and can play 3 or 4
12. warriors (solomon alabi) alabi with be "the man" at fsu this coming year, patterson may be better but he'll get less touches playing for uk. playing for that team will hurt his stats a bit i think. alabi is someone who can add d and shot blocking to a team that desperately needs it.
13. bulls (avery bradley) they need a sg. bradley isnt huge but he's athletic, quick and i see him having a big year at texas. craig brackens, james anderson & xavier henry would all fit nicely too.
14. thunder (craig brackins) from what i've seen this guy is awesome. he could put up HUGE numbers this year. if harden is at all a bust i'd take james anderson or xavier henry. either way at this point okc is looking for depth. draft a back up pf/c brackins or demarcus cousins or a backup guard like henry or tyshawn taylor.

again, what do you guys think? what do you think the order will be? picks too if you feel like going into as much detail as me.

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