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Default Re: Ridiculously Early 2010 Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Interminator
I'll do the Avatar bet.

I will continue to rub this in your face the entire year when you're biting your words on Lance & Renardo. Secondly, I never claimed Brumbaugh was going to be a Lottery Pick. I claimed on skill set Keith Brumbaugh is a better player than Michael Beasley, and I will admit Romero Osby was a stretch to project but he also is very talented.

Why would Lance Stephenson not be a Lottery Pick?

A 6'5 220+ lb swingman capable of creating his own shot, getting into the paint at will with a streetball handle, and capable of going off for 30+ point games. His faults fall on his tendency to isolate, his tendency to get frustrated easily on the court and that he isnt a freak athlete although his strength makes up for it. If you claim you're basing your opinion off of Lance Stephenson off of Youtube, although never seeing him play, how can you tell he isnt talented enough to be a Lottery Pick?

I've had these discussions with kids for years now on this site, just like last year where people claimed Brandon Jennings wouldnt be a Lottery Pick. You cant sit around and disregard talent when its there, Lance clearly is among the 5 most talented players in the Class of 2009 and should be a Lottery Pick in 2010.

You're judging Lance from how his rankings fell late in the year, but you're forgetting that Rankings have a lot to do with school interest & recent play. Avery Bradley is not the #1 HS player in the country, although the Rankings claim he is. Players' stocks have dropped before at the end of their Senior Yr and their chance to regain it is during their Freshman year as did OJ Mayo 2 years ago.

You're thinking too much into the Rankings brah, Lance lost the hype due to his long drawn out recruiting process.
Echo, echo, echo...

First things first, I know you didn't do it on purpose, but delete the duplicates.

What should be the conditions of the avatar bet? I've never done one.

But I am totally down with doing it because I really don't see either Lance or Renardo being lottery picks in 2010. I believe that both are immature kids with questionable amateur status, and that neither has the talent to be a lottery pick if they go one'n'done. Thus, I believe I will win it.

We'll see who is rubbing whose nose in what this upcoming college season. These two morons are going to get a harsh wake-up call, I'm telling you. I'll admit I'm a little nervous that Lance will raise Cincy's stock a lot and that will get him drafted, but I'm just betting it won't be lottery. As for Sidney, unless he's slimmed down a lot and raised his IQ by a dozen points, I can't see him having a lottery pick season.

But seriously, what kind of conditions for the avy bet?
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