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Default Re: Ridiculously Early 2010 Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Interminator
It doesnt matter, maybe an avatar of the winners choosing.
Likely, I will be Banned on this website by then so we'll see what happens.

No problem.
I'm going to post my own ridiculously early 2010 Mock Draft, name me prospects that their positions that you will believe will go ahead of them in the 2010 Draft if they declare.

Lance will be impressive at Cincinatti because Cronin will give him the opportunity to isolate, people like Lance because he'll single out a specific player and attempt to show them up on the court. He'll get attention specifically because hes a NYC Legend.

Sidney's weight fluctuates, however you do realize hes nothing like Eddy Curry. Sidney runs the court extremely well, is always in basketball shape due to his father's heavy AAU schedule, and can attack the basket facing up. If you want a good comparison for Renardo Sidney, think a stronger version of Charlie Villanueva with good positioning technique. Renardo Sidney's downfall is his lack of basketball IQ, and immaturity on the court attempting to do more than what is necessary, along with him complaining on every play instead of manning up to his own mistakes. However his potential still overwhelms his weaknesses currently. Him playing next to a defensive minded C will make him look much better.

Both Lance & Renardo are picked in the Top 15 in 2010, if neither declares although unlikely the bet is lost. If 1 declares, the bet falls on the player who did declare.
Top 15? Last I checked, the lottery is the top 14 picks, the teams that didn't make the playoffs and were in the DRAFT LOTTERY. Just so we're clear.

So you, Interminator, are betting that: EITHER Renardo Sidney or Lance Stephenson (or both) will be drafted with a top 14 overall draft pick (ie. a lottery pick) in the 2010 NBA draft.

And I, A.M.G., am betting that: NEITHER Renardo Sidney nor Lance Stephenson will be drafted with a top 14 overall draft pick (ie. a lottery pick) in the 2010 NBA draft.

It doesn't matter for what reason, one of Sidney or Stephenson must be drafted Lottery for you to win, and neither must be drafted Lottery for me to win. It doesn't matter if one or both of them transfers, or gets injured, or loses amateur status, or fails academically, or doesn't declare for the draft, or just plain sucks ass, or whatever. The bet is that at least one/neither will be drafted lottery in the 2010 NBA Draft. Clear?

And let's say the loser has to wear an avatar of the winner's choosing from the day after draft day until the beginning of the NBA regular season. And it can't involve nudity/serious vulgarity/other bannable stuff. Don't make this personal. I'll probably just make you wear one that has Lance or Renardo's face on it with "fail" painted on.

Done? Do we have an avy bet? No *****ing out once you say done.
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