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Default CLASSIFIED: Now recruiting Hornets fans!

CLASSIFIED: Now recruiting Hornets fans!

Post Date: 11.20.2006

Close Date/Time: N/A

Contact: Hornets Organization

Openings: 1,000,000

Status: Full Time/Part time


PRIMARY PURPOSE: Under general supervision and in conjunction with The Hornets organization implement Quality threads and Quality topics to be used throughout the NBA season on ISH. Specifically, provide functional and technical information about basketball and your team. Create and maintain threads and topics.

Knowledge & Education

Relevant knowledge in basketball or equivalent combination of education and/or experience.
Knowledge of the industry standard and quality standards for players and team.

Skills & Abilities
Excellent communication skills including effective written and listening skills
Excellent statistical documentation skills required.
Strong working knowledge of NBA technologies.
Demonstrated knowledge of defense, offence, and NBA rules and principles.

Knowledge of one or more of the following:


Please submit you application here. This is by no means asking you to give up the team you follow but to lend a hand giving support to a team in need for only a few minutes posting a day and you can save a dying franchise. APPLIE WITHIN
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