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Default Re: 2010 draft lottery order?

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
Wow, I didn't see that shot at Okafor. Okafor, Duncan, and Howard are the only players to average a Double-Double for the past 3 years. Okafor was ROY. Okafor is a fine defensive player. You comparing him to Adam Morrison and Sean May, wow I don't know what to say. We should cut your fingers off so you are never able to type on ISH again.

im not comparing, im grouping all the terrible bobcats picks. okafor was the number 2 pick taken immedietly after howard. he may not be a bust but for a brand new franchise he wasnt what they would have hoped for im sure. yeah he's good, could be an all star with chris paul. im just saying i'd want more but okafor isnt nearly as bad a pick as morrison. if i was a gm starting a franchise and five years later all i have built is a high lottery team and all those high picks were initially taken on okafor (gone for chandler), sean may (a non factor mostly), morrison. i like what they're doing now. henderson will be a solid nba player. i dont mean to affend any bobcats fan, i just think if i was a fan i'd expect the best and be dissapointed with a lot of the results.
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