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Default Re: 2010 draft lottery order?

Originally Posted by Interminator
Why would Sacramento target a PF or C? They're grooming their future front court of Thompson-Hawes. It wouldnt make sense to use another High Lottery Pick on a reserve big man unless he is more superior to Thompson or Hawes like a Blake Griffin.

If Sacramento picked Wall, it would be due to them moving Tyreke Evans to SF(his natural position). A squad of Wall/Martin/Evans/JT/Hawes would be very interesting, given a few years at best that could be a #2 or #3 seed in the Western Conference.
I never said they should target a C, I think Hawes is their guy at that spot. I distinctly said "forward". As in a PF or a SF or a combo.

I believe that Greg Monroe, Derrick Favors and probably Ed Davis all have strong potential to be "more superior" to Thompson at the 4 spot. I mentioned Aldrich only assuming he could play PF, but he would be better than JT as well. I really don't see JT as a long-term starter in the NBA. I also think they could look to find a SF in Aminu or maybe Favors, Nocioni and Garcia aren't exactly superstars.

You honestly think that Tyreke's natural position in the NBA is SF? Dude is like 6'5 at best. Not saying he couldn't do it given his freakish arm length, but it is definitely not his natural position.

Anyways, part of my point is that the odds are the Kings won't get the #1 pick, so they probably won't get a chance to draft Wall in the first place.

And we're on for that avy bet right? From the day after the 2010 NBA Draft (when Lance and Renardo do/don't get drafted lottery) to the day of the first NBA regular season games, the loser has to wear an avy of the winner's choosing. No nudity or vulgarity, etc. in the avy. Is it on?
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