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Originally Posted by Copperhead
I've been lurking on this site for a while and I'm a little surprised that there isn't more Hornets talk on this forum. There's more Hornets talk on the General board than the actual Hornets forum here.

Sweet were up to 3 of us welcome copperhead I’m a little surprised on how dead this forum is as well even though I am originally from LA and a die hard Laker fan I actually was half serious starting this thread I really would like to see more Hornets fans participating for a few reasons. 1) I spent a few months in NO and love the city I stayed about 2 blocks from Café Dumars great place to get some grub 2) I’m a fan of Peja I think he has a great shooting touch (how can you not ) 3) CP3 is way to much fun to watch 4) with the improvement’s over the last few years and with our former Laker Byron Scott running the show how can I not be pulling for them (as long as its not against my lakers ) anyways welcome again copperhead and Lakerfreak you know your always welcome my man by the way I got your PM and your my Laker brother from another mother so you know I got your back against those haters.
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