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Default Re: Timberwolves trade Darius Songaila, Bobby Brown to Hornets for Antonio Daniels, p

Not a big deal, but it's a good move for both teams. Daniels should be able to do more on the Wolves. Hornets offensive weapons are too one-dimensional for PG's who aren't scorers, the effective backups are guys who are willing to shoot a ton like Claxton/Pargo/Jackson. But he is a much better player than he showed last year.

Scott loves Bobby Brown. Songaila has always been a solid player who can hit shots from anywhere and gives good value for his minutes when he's not fouling like crazy. 2 years left on a serviceable big is a good situation because even if he isn't effective after this year, by then he'll be expiring.

Hornets still above the lux tax, but this is another step to help them weather the storm til their awful swingman contracts expire.
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