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Default Re: 2009 European basketball championship (Eurobasket) discussion

Favourite team to win the tournament is Spain, if not Greece. France is not playing a great basketball at all. They were the last to qualify to Eurobasket and appart from Parker and a little bit Diaw, they lat skill. They are generally great physically but not technically. They've got also pretty poor centers and power forwards offensively. Diaw is playing as a small forward

For me its between Greece and Spain. Spain seem to have come for holidays in the first round, but I expect them to get better as the tournament goes on. Greece are missing probably their two best players (Diamantidis and Papolukas), but their inside game is very good with Bouroussis, Schortsianitis, Printezis, Fotsis, Koufos (although he scarcely plays). They've algo got a natural leader in Spanoulis
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