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Default Re: Sofoklis Schortsanitis "Big Sofo" Now 300 Pounds

Originally Posted by Grinder
Hahahaha. You're a funny guy.

He'd get absolutely 0 time behind Blake Griffin, Craig Smith, Marcus Camby, and DeAndre Jordan or pretty much any team unless it's in garbage time.

Spot on. You also forgot Chris Kaman and if we retain Novak, I'm certain he'd get more playing time due to his sharp shooting (Sofo and Smith provide something around the same thing, don't they?)

Originally Posted by Lakas Fan Yo
Clearly you have not watched him play once this summer. He's way better than any center the Clippers have. Still he would only play 15-16 minutes because of stamina.

How is he better then Kaman or Camby? And if he were to come over, he'd play PF, not CE. He's what, 6'8/6'9 and overweight.
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