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Default Re: Larry interview w/ Montieth on 1070

Haha, I think I like your post more than the article.

Glad to have one of the most dedicated fans here as a fellow Pacers fan.

Anyways, on to the discussion... I really like Hibbert, I think he showed flashes of brilliancy last season, and could be a somewhat unorthodox starting center, and could be a 15/11/2blk kind of guy. He's proven his dedication this summer, reportedly going through rigorous workouts, and working out at IU.

Brandon Rush is a very exciting piece to the team, and like everyone else says, if he can find his consistency, he will be a very valuable player on both ends.

Everyone knows Danger is the future in Indiana, and he seems as though he's embraced that role, as the savior of our beloved Indiana Pacers, with open arms. He seems proud to be here, and as if he cares more about the name on the front of the jersey than the back.

As far as our expirers in the next couple years, you hit the nail on the head... They're going to be very valuable to teams competing in the short run, meaning we could stockpile some mid-20's draft picks, or we could really bring in some value... It could go either way really.

I'm excited, and yes, the next two years will lay the groundwork for what the next decade will be like.

An exciting time for sure.
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