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Default Re: Who had the best draft?

Originally Posted by marny_navis
In no particular order:

Suns: Nobody that they liked was available, so traded for cash. Got Brian Grant's contract paid off, which is a blessing, and also got a conditional top 10 protected Boston 1st round pick, which will come next year as Sebastian Telfair will lead them to the playoffs along with Al Jefferson. I don't remember what they got for Rodriguez, I think a future pick or something someone help me out on that one. I think it was for cash though.

Celtics: They got Telfair, who will do better than any of the other PG's in the draft for Boston. With #21 they got him a backup in Rajon Rondo.

Cavs: Daniel Gibson and Shannon Brown give LeBron scorers to play with, and make up for the loss of Flip Murray.

Bulls: T-Time will be a solid shot blocker. Sefolosha gives quality athleticism on the perimeter that you don't get from any other players on their roster.

Trailblazers: Freeland and Sergio Rodriquez were bad picks, period. Brandon Roy will be able to hold the team together, and LaMarcus Aldridge will be a good sidekick. They just got played with by the Bulls at #2 and the Wolves at #6. They had to give up Viktor Khryapa to the Bulls for Aldridge, but it didn't hurt them badly. I personally think they should have offered the #30 instead, since Khryapa brings more to the table for Portland. It was a rough draft, but considering they still got the players they wanted and didn't have too much to give up, I think their draft went alright.

Nets: Williams gives PG for future, Boone solid defense and rebounding.

T'Wolves: Got new franchise player in Foye, as Garnett appears to be out.

Grizzlies: Star in Gay, solid PG in Lowry.

Warriors: Patrick O'Bryant could be the last center they need to draft.

Magic: JJ stretches out defense.

Hornets: Hilton Armstrong the next Dale Davis, Cedric Simmons provides solid contribution off the bench for David West.

76ers: Carney/Iguodala win every 2man dunk contest.

Kings: Douby the next Cuttino Mobley, top 3 shooters in draft.

Knicks: Balkman, Collins look good and will make the perimeter defense one of the best in the league. Balkman=Bruce Bowen, Collins=Derek Anderson.

Lakers: My team; Farmar a good pick here. We never have many great drafts, but here we get a solid PG for the triangle offense.

Mavs: Maurice Ager maybe biggest steal, helps make up for loss of Michael Finley, Marquis Daniels. Possibly final piece of puzzle; can defend, jump, shoot, and score.

Best Draft Overall: Knicks. Balkman went too high, but Isiah is making the right move and is starting to build a contender. Defense is greatly upgraded here.

Runner up: Hornets. Armstrong the anchor of the defense, Simmons will give you some more inside scoring. Also with Peja and Tyson Chandler, New Orleans has a nice combo of inside and outside scoring.

Last Word: Overall a good draft with teams filling needs, getting alot of specialist players like JJ Redick and Quincey Douby, Hilton Armstrong and Renaldo Balkman. Most teams had good picks, even if they were picked on by teams at the #2 and #6 position whom I will not name.

Everybody's a star on draft night
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