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A little info on Merriman

He was popped in college for roids also. He explained that he had been taking them as supplements because of his injury and it helped him maintain that same level of play and he knew that it was a make or break year for him as far as his professional aspirations were concerned. ESPN did a big article on it and before the draft he mailed an apology letter to all 32 NFL teams explaining the circumstances and how it was a once in a lifetime mistake.

Had me convinced

Until now

Dude's a cheater. What happens when he's 30 and mileage has taken some of the explosiveness away. Back to the pill again? There's a reason this guy was taken behind Demarkus Ware and others. Before the scandal he was a projected top 5 pick. I can't believe he had the gall to appeal the league's decision when he's been a known offender in the past. Know I'm a little late, but decided to post this giving he's set to return.

Shawn Merriman= The New Bill Romanowski
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