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Default Re: predict greg odens career

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
I think he'll be one of the elite defensive players in the league and a big part of a contending Blazers team for years IF his injury problems are mostly behind him. I doubt he'll ever be a Shaq type scorer or even a Patrick Ewing/David Robinson type scorer, but he won't need to be.

As long as he blocks shots, , rebounds, plays defense and scores when he gets easy putbacks and open dunks then that should be enough to keep the Blazers contending. Portland has a ton of scorers already which is why Greg isn't going to focus on that.

As far as numbers, I'd expect a healthy Greg Oden in his prime to be among the leaders in blocks, rebounds and FG%. He has great defensive instincts, makes some incredible blocks, already rebounds very well and he keeps the ball in play with his blocks. There'll always be a place for a player like that.

People forget that he's one of the most athletic centers ever. Sure he's raw and injury prone, but it's ridiculous for people to label him a bust already. I've seen 3 centers as athletic or more athletic than Greg. They are Shaq, David Robinson and Dwight Howard. Hell, there aren't many players Oden's size in the leagues who don't move like complete stiffs.

As far as stats in his second year. If he gets close to 30 mpg I'd say 11-12 ppg, 10 rpg, 2 bpg and about 60% shooting. I expect a major improvement from his rookie year because year 2 after the microfracture surgery is when players are usually recovered, he now has a summer to work on skills, he's already lost the extra weight and he has a year of NBA experience under his belt.

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