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Default Re: How I Would Fix the Bucks

This past year and off season was Hammonds to tweak and Kohl's to roll the dice with some money , and neither happened.

What did happen is two careers basically thrown out the window in regards to Bogut and Redd. When are they supposed to have a team that will get them to the Eastern conference championship

The stripping Hammond has done , obviously was instructed in large part or 50% decision making by Kohl.
(I did not think this team was far from being serious contenders, with one or possible two trades to get the Bucks there)
Now the team is blown apart , and any free agent will not only think twice , but never except an offer from the Bucks how they handled this team.
THE ONLY FIX imo is to SELL the team.

It will require one of two type ownerships :
a deep pocket guy like Cuban
or a Owner that is removed enough from the community such as the Brewers , to come in make serious decisions , look at options and build with a cold heart , and a keen eye to putting a product on the floor that can be competitive for some serious years.
Outside looking in , if the new owner gets the team next year , I would say a minimum of 3-4 years before the team roster has enough juice to think about going deep into the playoffs.
(Use Portland as an example) - do you see them WC- champs ?
That rebuild has been 4 years and still counting.
My mind has worn out it's options what the Bucks 'should do'

What would of been neat to see , is have a team of a bunch of tweener's for a year , or even have Iverson come in and entertain , because that's all the Bucks fan's will remotely get until the team is sold.

All the money Kohl has squandered to be under the tax line ... contracts and bad decisions ... he would of been better off throwing a bunch of has been all-stars in for a season or two , or ran 5 rookies from the get

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