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Originally Posted by mln03
What exactly did you want LB to do about his practice habits???Bench him??Suspend him???Like the FO would allow that. Pat Croce was constantly the mediator between LB & AI. Brown always tried to discipline him, but AI knew he couldn't bench him. He was too much of a draw. So Croce had to kiss boith their butts to keep them happy. Sounds like fun eh? Geez i wonder why LB would want to leave that dysfunctional gig.
The sixers FO is so lenient to their superstars TO would still be in Philly if the Sixers FO ran the Eagles.

Let's come to reality. When was LB complaining and trying to bench AI? When they were losing. Did you hear him complain or try to bench AI during the 2001 season. No it was how much he loved Allen and his heart. Now do you think AI was magically an angel all of a sudden for that season. And lets' not make it Larry vs. AI, here like the media loves to do. That entire team often got sick of Larry's ****, don't you remember the break he had to take because the team confronted him in a meeting and told him they were sick of his ****? If Larry was that frustrated and it was as bad as you say Larry would have been gone earlier and Philly wouldn't have been his longest stay. Larry had a sinking ship and he jumped ship.

And you're kidding yourself if you think this stuff doesn't go on around the league.
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