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Default Re: Magic Prediction thread

How many games will the Magic win?
59. The Magic will be more focused on the post season and will most likely coast through the regular season, well, they should if they are smart about it.

How many all-stars will the Magic have?
2. Dwight Howard and Vince Carter. I can see Nelson in the skills competition though, along with Shard in the 3 point shoot out.

How many ppg will each Magic player average? (Or just choose a couple players)
Dwight: 19.4
Carter: 22.6
Shard: 20.1

Will the Magic be first in defensive efficiency again?
No. I believe the Spurs will take the title this year.

Who is the greatest x factor for the Magic?
Bass/Gortat/Anderson The backup bigs will need to get some offense going and Bass/Anderson should be able to provide that.

Will Courtney Lee flourish with the Nets?(Sort of Magic related...)
Yes I can see him being a solid 15/5/3 type of guy who is a roadblock for the leagues premier scorers.
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