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Default Re: Zach Randolph summer workout

Zach is very underrated due to the amount of hate he receives. I haven't watched the video yet, and don't need to tell you guys that this guy gives it out all on the court. I mean, he has zero athleticism compared to premier fours in the league like Amare, and even Gasol, but he still puts up a solid 20/10. He can score in a variety of ways (back to the bucket, facing up jumper, taking man off the dribble and can even knock down treys!!), which makes him a huge threat for the opposing squad. He also works his ass off for the rebounds, and is quite successful.

On the defensive end, he isn't good, but this is not due to a lack of effort, but due to a lack of talent and athleticism. He simply doesn't have the lateral quickness to be a good defender, but he still is solid.

I mean, yes, the guy is a blackhole sometimes, but that is due to his confidence and he gets a lot of his hate because he has always been on shitty teams. Hopefully the Grizzlies can turn this around by next season and people stop hating on Randolph due to his undeserved rep from the "Jailblazer" days.
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