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Originally Posted by mavsfan4zindagi
Drew makes horrible decisions and countless mistakes. Theres absolutely no way he preforms the same way that Romo did today even if the Oline blocked like they did. Delusional if you really think that Drew is capable of throwing 5 TD's and not turning it over at least once.

I'd love for Romo to be Hostetler. More then I ever expected outa him. Means we'd win the Super Bowl too.

last year he threw 3 td passes without an int 4 times.
year before last he threw 4 td passes without an int.

Yes delusional. :rollingeyes:

Drew has proven with protection he can disect a defense. Obvious Dallas OL wasnt great in the pass protection now were they good at picking up blitzes (RB included) to protect Drew. Granted Drew isnt blame free of taking sacks but dont sit there and act like he isnt one of the game best pocket passers.

He and Kerry Collins have the same problems. They can put up stats, passing yards and look good but that is only if you protect them...and in this game defenses are too damn fast for an offense to block well 24/7. Even Manning has showed he is atleast mobiel enough to leave the pocket, avoid the rush and throw. Drew simply cant.

Tony works...wouldnt go away from him at all. Drew to me days are numbered. But today he could have won the game as well. 5 td's? Maybe not. But a win nonetheless.

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