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Default Re: O.J. Mayo, Rudy Gay, Snack Randolph and Iverson???

Originally Posted by jailer
Haha wow look at all the hate for the grizzlies. It looks to me like a bunch of jealousy. People are pissed that the the griz are gonna be starting four all star caliber player. Two vetrans that are looking for a second chance and whom I really believe are gonna turn over a new leaf in order change their stripes.

I want all you haters to post here again when the griz are in the playoffs.

Well Jailer, I'm with you. It seems obvious to me that all these other people who all of the sudden came to this forum are 100% A.I. fans. Wherever A.I. goes, they go. Hopefully this forum doesn't become like the forum on the Grizzlies website. Someone make a whole new thread every freakin' time they have a thought.
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