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Bledsoe. Plain. SUCKED. I've never seen a veteran qb rated to be good make so many bonehead plays in my life. Give me Tony Romo, give me Testaverde, go overseas and even get me Chad Hutchinson, anything but this guy. Guy has all the tools for a prolific passer. Touch, read, and a cannon of a arm. But he's a statue, sack shy for lack of a better word, and after about two sacks you can see he has happy feet meaning that he takes his eyes off the field and is too busy watching for the sack which makes him go through his reads later which in turn makes him hold on to the ball. There's a lot of explanations that could explain Bledsoe's fall from grace, but even he can't explain some of the bonehead plays he's made.

Romo hits his receivers like Brady in NE. He spreads the ball around so you can't just key in on one specific player or area of the field. I liked how yesterday he saw the safety for TB limping and kind of hobbled and immediately on the next play went at him and hit Glenn for the touchdown. Can't be taught. You either have it or you don't.
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