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A local Indiana product, coming out of Carmel High School, I truly do like McRoberts and his game. He provides a lot of energy coming off the bench for this team, and at times has shown signs of strength. This is going to seem like the harshest thing that I write, but I truly can not see him making the 12 man active roster for very long this season. We added depth, and McRoberts appears to not really have a spot on this team. I sincerely hope he gets the opportunity to play this year, but in my opinion I can't see it happening. Hopefully, he proves me wrong.


One of our most consistent players, Murphy is a great deep threat big man. He is a good trailer on a fast break, and his favorite spot is probably the top of the key. I can see big things from Murphy again this season, and he gives Granger a good player to relieve some of the pressure off of. He has been a rebounding machine in the last season, and once again I see him averaging about a double double a night. I can't imagine a huge difference in his stats this year, but he is as consistent as they come.


A player that I never really got a chance to watch play too much. From the little that I did see in his career, he was a great consistent scorer, who the Pacers could use in the future. I feel like there is a possibility that we may decide to send him to the D-League and let him develop there, even though the Pacers are notorious for not using the D-League. He showed some great stuff in the Summer League, and in future years could be a solid member of this team. However, I don't see much of an impact for him this year.


A freakish athlete, this should be the breakout season for Rush. He really turned his game on towards the end of last year, and should be one of the pleasant surprises this season. With the Injury to Mike Dunleavy, expect Rush to see more than enough play time this year, with the possibility of starting. I am expecting double digits in points, and feel like with his athleticism, he could really help us on the defensive end of the floor.


One of the Pacers free agent pickups this year out of Oklahoma City, Watson has been in this league for several years and looks to be one of the leaders in the locker room with his veteran experience. He plays very hard every game, and absolutely hates to lose. He is known mostly for his defense, which is the main theme obviously for the Pacers this season. I truly belive this could be the breakout season for Watson, as the Pacers style suit him very well. There is a chance he starts, but I like him better off the bench as a defensive stopper.


Hopefully this shows a little bit of my views on this upcoming season. I tried to keep it short and sweet to insure I didn't bore you (Which I may have haha). I think there are a lot of positive things going on in the organization that the Pacers and their fans should be optimistic about. If everything falls into place just right, this should be a playoff season.

Hopefully you enjoyed the read
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