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Default Re: Makings of an NBA BUST

Originally Posted by Dasher
There is nothing wrong with being a 6'1 SG. Ben has made a nice career out of it, and so have many other elite scorers in NBA history. Becoming a PG would cause Ben to go away from what makes him a special player on the NBA level. He is a top 5 player from his draft, and after Dwight Howard, he has been the most consistent. The others are either inconsistent, 1 year wonders, or not game changers.

Its hard to compare the players of today to anyone that has historical value because this is 2009. The game has evolved and 6'1 to 6'3 shooting guards just aren't ideal anymore, especially when you talk about a prototypical sized SG is 6'6-68. 6'3 is a prototypical size for a point these days. If you're 6'8 these days, you're considered an undersized PF. Noone ever called Karl Malone undersized in the 80s. For every Ben Gordon there's a AJ Guyton, DeJuan Wagner, Fred Jones, Flip Murray or Juan Dixon. For every Gilbert Arenas there's a Joseph Forte, Kenyon Dooling, Gabe Pruitt, JamesOn Curry, Salim Stoudemire, Daniel Ewing, or Luther Head.

I would call anyone a bust or not, since the majority of combo guards are selected in the second round like Arenas and Ellis, but I wouldn't call anyone of them star players except Arenas.
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