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Default Re: Makings of an NBA BUST

^Listing busts does not really prove anything. For every Kobe Bryant there is a long list of Kirk Snyder's, Morris Almonds, Felipe Lopezs, Demarr Johnsons, Courtney Alexanders, Rodney Whites, Jarvis Hayes, Reece Gaines, and others.

The game has not evolved to the point where the Ben Gordons, Monta Ellis-types, AIs, Dwyane Wades, and other "undersized" scoring guards are not effective. In fact the game has shifted in a direction where they are even more effective because of the rise in players who are point guards in name only. See: Devin Harris, Derrick Rose, and Gilbert Areanas. Height as the measure of player responsibility went by the wayside after the rise of the point forward, and an argument could be made that it never truly existed in the first place. The whole concept of the undersized powerforward is joke worthy anyway. Carlos Boozer, David West, and Elton Brand are all elite power forwards, and their supposed lack of size has not hindered them in their careers.

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