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Default Re: Reggie Miller predicts the Lakers will Challenge 96 Bulls

Originally Posted by All Net
Lakers have plenty of good leadership it is wether they will stay focused against the bad teams will decide if they can get close enough to 70 wins. The fact this team won 65 with Bynum missing for 34 odd games says it all.
Leadership is the main problem for the Lakers. Last season's team was probably among the most talented teams ever assembled. This year's team is even better. There's no question that these Laker teams had more talent than those Bulls teams. The only difference was the Bulls had a superior #1 guy obviously in Jordan and the team had more veteran leadership. Yeah, Jordan was a fantastic leader, but that team was stacked with veterans that knew what it took to get the job done. So, despite not having nearly as much talent as this year's Laker team, that Bulls team made up for it with veteran saavy and discipline.
BTW, 65 wins should've been easily attainable with the talent they had, with or without Bynum. They have arguably (now with Duncan and KG declining) the best PF in the game and the best 6th man in the game (by far).
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