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Default Re: Reggie Miller predicts the Lakers will Challenge 96 Bulls

Originally Posted by Extempo
Its unfair to have such huge expectations from the Lakers. First of all that 96 Bulls team was loaded. They had a faaaar better supporting cast than the Lakers. And they played defense. Nobody on the Lakers except Kobe and Artest are willing to play defense. Can't win 72 games if you don't play defense.

Faaaar better? Its really about equal. Ranking the top 10 between both team it would probably look something like this:

1. Jordan
2. Kobe
3. Pippen
4. Gasol
5. Rodman
6. Artest
7. Odom
8. Bynum
9. Kukoc
10. Fisher

4 Bulls and 6 Lakers. And if Bynum reaches his potential, he would at least be #5.
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