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Default Re: Reggie Miller predicts the Lakers will Challenge 96 Bulls

Hardly a bold thing to say. LA has all the pieces to challenge Bulls' record - great talent, chemistry, coaching staff, uber-competitive superstar(Kobe) that can bail the team out on those dog days of the regular season, and the confidence that can only come from winning a championship. I don't think they will win 70, but they'll come VERY close.

btw, BallersTalk, LA did not have one of the most talented teams of ALL TIME last season. Not even close, in fact. They were just your average championship team, that's all. 2 stars in Kobe and Gasol, teasers in Odom and Bynum, and a bunch of role players. Nothing historic about them. Just a team good enough to win it all ala the '03 Spurs or the '04 Pistons. This year's LAKER team on the other hand with Artest's acquisition and a fully healthy Bynum for an ENTIRE season(hopefully) does have a claim to being one of the most talented teams of the decade.

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