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Default Re: Reggie Miller predicts the Lakers will Challenge 96 Bulls

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
Hey, how about you go f*ck yourself? It's my opinion.

I'd rather have Rodman arguable the best rebounder ever, instead of Gasol who does things well but isn't the greatest conversation for anything. There is nothing wrong with preferring great defense over a guy slightly better than average.

Especially if MJ and Pippen were on the team. What's the point of having Gasol with MJ/Pip?

I probably would agree if I already have MJ/Pippen. But I didn't say that. If you had to start a team, and had to choose between the two, Gasol would be the right choice. If I already had Kobe or Jordan only, and I had to choose between the two, Gasol would easily be the right choice. Gasol is still better then Rodman, and would be ranked ahead.
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