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Originally Posted by Posterize246
I don't watch many Browns games...scratch that. I don't watch ANY Browns games, but how good is Braylon really? What is realistically expected from Braylon from the Browns fans each year as far as catches/TD's?

It seems like his time in Cleveland could be running short.

Shaq gets on mlh1981's bad side

A lot of Browns fans despise Braylon. A lot of people that are not from Ohio don't think about this, but Braylon is a Michigan Man. He came to Cleveland already behind the eight ball with a lot of our fans, especially since he would usually torch Ohio State and he was the face of Michigan for four years.

When you factor in his propensity to have a lot of drops (the one thing that NFL fans despise most), it has turned the situation ugly. He had a very strained relationship with Browns fans before this incident. His house was vandalized and he has had people say things to him and his family when he goes out on the town.

This situation is only going to make things worse. Everyone loves LeBron in Cleveland. This is really the last thing that Braylon needed.

What is realistically expected of him, though? Well, he was the No. 3 pick in the draft and he has a season in which he shattered all of the Browns' receiving touchdown records. His expectations are pretty high, but people are beginning to believe that maybe that one incredible season was more a fluke than anything else.

I'm not one of those people, FWIW. The guy has an incredible amount of talent. If you put him on a team with a quarterback that has a strong arm and a running game that must be respected, he could duplicate his success in '07. However, I'm beginning to think that it isn't going to happen again in Cleveland.

I see him wearing a different color jersey after this season.
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