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Default Re: Reggie Miller predicts the Lakers will Challenge 96 Bulls

Originally Posted by ZeN
Im wondering, do you believe that they will get over the underchieving hump that they faced last season?

They lost to many mediocre teams last season, and would become very lackadaisical at many points... Im hoping that they have gotten over those issues, but it may not be as simple.

I think they learned from last season. And to be fair, they were also kinda banged up as well. I remember LO wasn't playing 100%, Bynum was obviously hurt, they had just made the trade with Charlotte etc.etc. I'm expecting them to be more consistent than ever, and Artest will bring in some toughness that they lacked.

But you're right (I agreed with your point in a post above yours) consistency and playing to their opponent's level has been a problem for a long time. Something that wasn't the case with the Bulls.

And people forget that the Bulls were playing hurt as well. I believe Pip and Rodman missed about a dozen games or so (don't know exactly; don't feel like looking it up).
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