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Default Re: Rockets Preseason Thread

Originally Posted by Jordandunk23
1st Game: at San Antonio

I didn't catch it until 2nd quarter but the fast paced rockets look good. I think many people are underrating houston because the big names are gone Yao, Mac, Artest... im not saying this is a championship squad but this is not a lost season.

Landry looks good, early in the pre season he looks like one of the focuses on offense. interested to see how he handles that responsibility. Lowry looks real good. looks like he slimmed down, he looked chubby when he first came to houston. David Anderson just as i feared is a softy, hopefully he toughens up as the season goes on.

Again didn't get to see the 1st quarter and not many players really caught my eye yet. Dejuan Blair of San Antonio is going to be a really effective player.

Yea thats what I've been saying in the off-season, I don't think the Rockets are done, or are going to be scrubs, I think if they continue to play as a team we'll do fine. Our main problem is not having a big man and that showed big time yesterday. Dejuan Blair was killing us on the rebounds, but he did have problems trying to back down Chuck Hayes. He reminds me of Paul Milsap.

Landy was looking great! He's a great 6th man to have because he brings a lot of energy, and he looks like a better defensive player so far. Lowry did slim down, and thats good to see. They said he lost 12 pounds I think? and he's also been working on his jump shot as well. As far as David Anderson, I think his only problem is his athleticism and strength. He got pushed around and couldn't get up on the boards, and his shot wasn't falling like it was supposed to, but if he keeps shooting shots they'll fall and he'll get more adjusted. The player who got me hyped the most was Budinger. He looked comfortable out there shooting, and looked good bringing the ball down court and driving to the rim. I think he has a lot potential of being a good player in this league, and I think he could be a good piece to this Rocket team.
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