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Default Re: Air Jordan XXV (2010)

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I wish I could consider purchasing new, current Jordans. Unfortunately, they priced me out a long time ago. I cannot justify spending that much money on a pair of shoes. I can spend $115, but somewhere around the $125-130 line things begin to get real murky. Anything above that line is a no-go.
I tend to agree. I used to copp Jordans yearly, loads of the colorways too when he was still playing and it truly meant something to wear Jordans. That was when they were $150. Once they crossed that ... I was all .. meh, especially uninspired designs that he didn't play in to have attachment with. I will only spend over $150 on retros to Jordan that represent aspects to my childhood, nostalgia, etc Like I'm buying 2 pairs of the Space Jams in December but thats cause they mean something to me. If we're talking about the new model Jordans? There is no way in hell I'm dropping $175 for them. With that said, I just recently got the AJ 2009 which are originally $175 for $60 at the Nike outlet by me to hoop with. All retro Jordans I wear as a style type thing, and wouldn't beat them up by hooping in them. Max I go for a shoe I will ball in are $130. Anything above that is fashion only.
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