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Default Re: Illinois Fan Thread.

Great commitment. A lot of people thought Purdue swooped in and stole him with a late push.

Definitely rewrite that, I'd like to read what you think about the recruits. Now, if could just get 2 of Quincy Miller, Brad Beal, Chasson Randle, Mike Shaw, and Wayne Blackshear, that would be amazing. Weber would get a 20 year extension.

Oh, and I came across this with Miller, who most think is a longshot for us.


From Justin Young, who used to work at Rivals.

Where does Quincy Miller end up, in your opinion?

Good question. Something tells me that it will come down to a Duke-Illinois battle. Duke is Duke. And Illinois was one of the first high-major schools to really move on the versatile forward. Both Coach K and Bruce Weber have both taken the reigns in this recruitment and both head men have really made an impression with the 6-8 forward.

Miller doesn’t seem like a guy that will be making a decision any time soon and that bodes well for schools like Florida, Kentucky, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wake Forest and the other schools that are hot after him, too.
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