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first of all, his defense is straight up poor. Too slow & not strong enough. He scores 11 a night and gives up a lot more than that way too often.

His team defense is solid. He's in the right position and rotates properly, if the rest of the team did that Kyle wouldn't be exploited so badly. Of course he's a poor man to man defender when he has to guard athletic swings, but if you had team defense and big men who played smart defense and good team defense, it wouldn't be exploited like it is.

If you call a fade-away jumper post game then ok he's got a post game.

When you go on the block, back your man down, for an easy short jumper or turnaround that's a post game.

Still can't take anyone in the league off the dribble.

Doesn't have to. That's not his role.

As far as regressing, too many times last year did he miss his first few shots then passed up on open ones later in the game. Especially the end of the year when they were battling for a playoff spot. He tightened up so bad in certain was disappointing.

Honestly, I can rarely remember Kyle passing up open shots.

In theory you are right, he SHOULD be able to open the floor up, but in this case they practically left him wide open and doubled AI knowing he would either hesitate and miss or give up the shot completely. That's why he regressed.

I really don't know what you were watching. AI wasn't doubled nearly as much in years past and Kyle rarely passed up open shots, in fact teams were so fearful of Kyle they often would lock a man to him as much as possible. Kyle opened up the floor on offense, it's not even arguable and he in no way regressed from the past season.

Again, his contract is not bad. He made 3.6 this past season and it it's highest point he'll make 5. That's not a bad deal for one of the top shooters in the entire league, who has shown improvement in each season.

Korver really isn't good enough and versatile enough to be a full-time starter. He's best as a sixth or 7th man. If he plays starter minutes, it's just a sign that the team needs an upgrade at the position

Exactly, the point. He was put in a role unfair to him, doesn't mean his contract is bad.
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