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Default Re: Rockets Preseason Thread

Originally Posted by Jordandunk23
chase budinger i tell you, he's one hell of a shooter. when people was first describing his game to me, he sounded like steve novak... and we all know what happened with that. but budinger is the real deal. that mid range stroke is going to get him alot of points specially since he shoots at such an efficient percentage. i know its still the preseason but i would not be surprised at all if budinger goes out and averages 15 a game in his rookie year. i think he is certainly capable of it. what a steal from the 2nd round.

some rockets fan have grown tired of hayes. i still very much like him. as a backup forward to scola and landry or even a backup center to yao. but as of right now he is probably the best center houston has. as much as he maybe a non factor on offense, he is a solid defender and rebounder, something david anderson will struggle on early in his career. so i think he will be important in his backup role. i guess Scola will slide over to center and start alongside landry whos offense has impressed in the preseason.

Yea I was gonna make a thread about Budinger, but I figured it was too early since its only pre-season,. He definitely looks like he could be something amazing for us, or maybe Rookie of the year I hope he can stay consistent and continue to work hard.

As far as Chuck, when we 1st got him I didn't really like him, but I started to like him a lot last year, and a little bit the year before last. Like you said he might not be a threat on offense, be he does extremely well on defense and he's a great rebounder. His defense is so underrated, and a lot of times you'll see refs call a foul on him because they don't know who he is and they think just because he's smaller than everyone else in the paint, he can't play good D. I'm glad we hung on to him because I wasn't fond of him when we 1st got him.
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