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Originally Posted by rezznor
where do you live? $900 bucks a month wont pay for **** here. my apartment alone is $1100 a month. most apartments want you to make at least 3 to 4 times what the rent is, so unless your looking for a $300 a month pad in the getto, i'd just stay home if i were you. you have to remember to figure in electricity, cell phone bill, cable bill, internet bill, gas money, groceries, eating out, beer money, goin out money, etc.

I will either live in a dorm(if I go to college) or possibly live in a house with friends. I can find a nice apartment for $400, or If I live with friends a 3/4 bedroom house around $900. And If I don't go to college, I would work full time and make closer to $1500 a month.
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