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Default Re: Why isn't Ike getting PT in the preseason?

Originally Posted by Showtime
Every team he's gone to he hasn't been in a position to play ahead of the guys there, or been in the plans to stay, which is why he was never given a chance in Sacramento, which was the one place he could have gotten playing time. If you looked at his numbers in games he's played 30+ minutes, he's put up almost 20/10 numbers. He can produce, he just needs the chance.

I have always liked Ike Diogu as a player and wondered why he has not been able to stick with a team. Showtime you hit the nail on the head with your assessment of Ike. It seems like he has never gotten a great opportunity to play much. I can recall a few times where he got to play some extended minutes with the Pacers, and I was very impressed with his productivity. I liked his ability to rebound and knock down a mid range jumper. In the second-to-last game of the season with Sacramento last season he had 32 pts & 11 boards in 40 minutes. The last game of the season Ike played 39 minutes, had 28 pts, and 13 boards. I am basically repeating everything Showtime just posted. Again, I'm just rooting for this guy to do well, and I believe he could make a solid backup to David West. Darius Songaila is a solid contributor as well and minutes could be hard to come by. There's also guys like Hilton Armstrong, Sean Marks, and Earl Barron who are competing for time/a roster spot at the pf/c positions. It will be interesting to see how the frontcourt rotation works out for the Hornets.
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