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Default Re: Illinois Fan Thread.

love brandon paul, i also see huge potential in mr. basketball illinois, he plays really strong for a guy his size (when he wants too) to me he looks like the best incoming freshmen since kendall gill, im happy to see deron see's the talent in him too... wow he said a mini dwayne wade! i hope so, i do see a similarity... hey nobody figured dwayne wade would be dwayne wade coming out of highschool either, i don't think they have wing span measurements for high schoolers but if they do, does anyone know if they are posted online? cuz i know dwayne wade has a ginormous wing span for someone his size i believe its like 6'11 or something crazy like that! anyways it would be nice to know what these players wing span are, and vertical would be nice too, anyways brandon paul is the real deal and i believe bruce webers gonna turn him into a beast! i know i've stated this earlier but im alot more excited about paul than i am about jereme richmond
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