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I usually hit open layups
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Default Gordon

He has some hops just doesn't use it much in games. He won a dunk contest as a college senior. He threw one down between the legs left handed. He's kinda quick. I would use the word, "Shifty". His handles are pretty good. His quick shot release is what makes him hard to guard. On the fast break he just doesn't seem as quick, he lacks burst. In the half court game it's another story. One on one, he's deadly. If you give him a pick to work with, GAME OVER! If he could only play killer D, he'd be an all-star! His D in his second year was way better, but I don't ever see him being great on D. I stood next to him at a game and he's exactly my height. Over 6'3" with shoes. Name one guy at that height that is or was a lock down defender at the 2 spot. His burst, handles and quickness will always allow him to get his shot off, but never quite a highlight reel or a lock down defender.
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